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Method: ICT, Rapid Automated Aerobic Culture, Identification and Sensitivity
Price: 1700.00
Report: Sample Daily by 3.30 pm Report Interim: 24 & 48 hrs Final: 6 days
Usage: This test detects the presence of IgM antibodies to S.typhi. The conventional Widal test detects antibodies to S.typhi from 2nd week of onset of symptoms. The early rising antibodies which are predominantly IgM can be detected by the Typhi Dot test. This test serves as a marker for recent infections.
Doctor Specialty: Physician
Disease: Infections-Typhoid
Components: *Typhi dot *Salmonella typhi & Salmonella paratyphi A antigen detection *Culture aerobic blood, rapid
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Home Collection: Available
Pre Test Information: No special preparation required