The risk of ovarian malignancy algorithm (ROMA) incorporates cancer antigen 125 (CA125), human epididymal protein 4 (HE4), and menopausal status to assign women that present with an adnexal mass into a high-risk or low-risk group for finding an ovarian malignancy

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Method: CMIA
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Usage: Risk of Ovarian Malignancy algorithm (ROMA) test is used as an aid in assessing the risk of Ovarian cancer in women with a pelvic mass based on patient’s HE4 & CA125 levels and their menopausal status. Women with ROMA levels above their cutoff have an increased risk of Ovarian cancer. ROMA must be interpreted in conjunction with clinical & radiological assessment.
Doctor Specialty: Oncologist, Gynecologist
Disease: Cancer-Ovarian
Components: *CA125 *HE4 *Menopausal status risk estimation
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Pre Test Information: Provide menopausal status of the patient.