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Method: AAS with Zeeman correction, ICPMS
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Report: Sample Daily by 6 pm; Report 2 days
Usage: The incidence of heavy metal toxicity is very common in general population, which can lead to serious and sometimes irreversible damage to renal, cardiovascular and nervous systems. The diseases caused by exposure to heavy metals, if identified early, are easily treatable. Most common toxicities are associated with exposure to Lead, Arsenic, Cadmium, Chromium and Mercury. According to the Guidelines of NIOSH, OSHA, USCG & EPA, the workers of Battery industry, Paint manufacturing industry, Glass manufacturing industry, Rubber industry, Recycling sites for metals, Electronics and Automobile parts, Cement industries etc. should undergo periodic (once a year) medical examination and estimation of metallic content in blood and urine.
Doctor Specialty: Hematologist, Oncologist , Nephrologist, Hepatologist, Physician
Disease: Industrial Diseases
Components: *Lead *Arsenic *Cadmium *Chromium *Mercury
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Home Collection: Available
Department: HPLC
Pre Test Information: Patient should avoid eating seafood at least 3 days prior to specimen collection. Use only specified containers available from LPL. If Gadolinium or Iodine containing contrast media has been administered, the specimen should not be collected for 96 hours.

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