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Method: LC-MS/MS
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Report: Sample Mon / Wed by 5 pm; Report 3 days
Usage: Inborn errors of Amino acid metabolism can manifest at any time but become most evident in infancy and early childhood. Specific symptoms depend on the type of disorder. Affected patients may have failure to thrive, neurological symptoms, digestive problems and locomotor retardation. If not diagnosed and treated promptly they can result in poor growth, developmental delays, mental retardation and death.
Doctor Specialty: Pediatrician
Disease: Inborn errors of metabolism
Components: *1-Methyl-histidine*3-Methyl-histidine*AlphaAminoadipic acid*Alpha Aminobutyric acid*Alanine*Anserine*Arginine*Arginosuccinic acid*Asparagine*Aspartic acid *β-Alanine*Carnosine*Citrulline*Cystathionine*Cystine*Ethanolamine *Glutamine*Glutamicacid*Glycine*Homocitrulline*Homocystine*Histidine*Hydroxylysine *4 Hydroxyproline*Isoleucine*Leucine*Lysine*Methionine*Cysteine *Pipecolic acid *Taurine sulphate*Acetyltyrosine*Adenosylhomocysteine*Ornithine*Phosphoethanolamine*Phenylalanine *Proline*Serine*Phosphoserine*Sarcosine*Saccharopine*Threonine*Tryptophan*Tyrosine*Valine**Gamma Amino butyric acid* β–Amino-isobutyric acid * Allo-isoleucine
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Pre Test Information: Clinical details and drug history must accompany sample.